• Michel de Spéville

    Founder President

  • Cedric de Spéville

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Gérard Boullé

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Thierry de Spéville

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Denis Claude Pilot

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Benoit de Coriolis

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Jean Noël Humbert

    Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

  • Axel Lemarchand

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Gita Angeli

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Cédric Lagesse

    Chief Operating Officer


  • Ranjoy Neerohoo

    General Manager - FTL

  • Stéphane Robert

    General Manager - Oceanarium (Mauritius) Ltd (Odysseo)

  • Nicolas Caboche

    General Manager - Pick N Eat Ltd (KFC)

  • Julien Audibert

    General Manager - LMLC

  • Rocky Forget

    Managing Director - LFL

  • Junaid Muslun

    General Manager - Panagora Marketing Co Ltd

  • Vincent Montocchio

    Creative & Managing Director - Circus Advertising

  • Nicolas Lamusse

    General Manager - New Maurifoods

  • Rolph Schmid

    Managing Director - Indigo Group

  • Nadine Viger

    General Manager - Eclosia Technology Services

  • Jérome Poutot

    General Manager MADCO Madagascar

  • Jeremy Charoux

    Executive Director – Charles Telfair Institute

  • Caroline Rault

    General Manager - Maurilait

Michel de Spéville

Founder President

Michel de Spéville is the founder of the Eclosia Group. His natural instinct as an entrepreneur coupled with his passion for animals have driven this accountant to start breeding chickens after office hours in the sixties. His flair for business and his constant quest for excellence have led the group to become a major player. He was ordered Commander of the British Empire in 1980 by the Queen. He is a member of various boards of companies in various sectors of the Mauritian economy. He has been decorated with the awards of “chevalier de la Légion d’honneur” by the French government in 2015  

No one believed in our projects at the very beginning but we made it.