Group Profile

From a start-up to a consolidated group: the path of a non conformist company


50 years ago, Eclosia was born of the dream of Michel de Spéville. Passionate about nature and farming, his vision has always been to reduce Mauritius’ dependence on foreign products and contribute to making it a self-sufficient country. With a skilled and tight-knit team at his side, and following the principle of uncompromising quality, the company evolved in a few decades from a start-up into a respected, diversified, and robust group in the Mauritian economic landscape. 

Today, its activities are regrouped into six sectors: Food, Commerce, Logistics, Business Services, Education, and Hotels & Leisure. 

The group expanded and operates in Africa and in the Indian Ocean region, mostly in Madagascar. With more than twenty companies under its wings, the group employs over 4000 people. With revenues close to 15 billion Mauritian Rupees, Eclosia is in the Top 5 of the biggest Mauritian groups. 

True to its roots, the Eclosia  group is engaged in promoting individual initiative and believes in the positive impact of entrepreneurship as a key for economic development, innovation, and social cohesion.