Odysseo (Oceanarium Mauritius Ltd), the very first oceanarium in the Indian Ocean, saw the light of day in September 2021 on the harbour waterfront of Port Louis. Through its tanks that hold a whopping 2 million litres of water, Odysseo showcases the beauty and vulnerabilities of our marine ecosystem. It is a place where scholars, students, scientists and the public at large will find themselves immersed in a one-of-a-kind experience in Mauritius.


Through its motto, Learn Love Protect, the oceanarium pursues one major goal: know to love, love to protect. Beyond its vibrant pools, Odysseo strives to be a platform for learning and sharing. In doing so, the oceanarium contributes to the conservation, regeneration and rehabilitation of our marine flora and fauna. Driven by its strong commitment to protect the environment, Odysseo has nurtured strong ties with various institutions and NGOs on the ground. What’s more, the oceanarium is a zero single-use plastic site, recycles its waste and also boasts a solar park.


  • 45Number of tanks
  • 1,5Site area (hectares)
  • 200Number of species
  • 3,500Specimen
Odysseo - Oceanarium Mauritius Ltd - Les Salines, Harbour Waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius