For years, the group has exported its goods in the Indian Ocean, and considered an implementation in Madagascar in 1993. Since the launch of Avitech in 1996, the company works alongside Malagasy farmers by further developing an integrated poultry sector that facilitates access of farmers to 'day-old chicks ' and suitable feed produced by LFL Madagascar. Since then, we have built an abattoir to continue developing the industry in partnership with local farmers. 


Farmshop – the sales point for animal feed, day-old chicks, and vaccines— operates on a franchise model and almost all of the franchised outlets are owned by Malagasy small business owners.  We have also developed training for local farmers to the point of creating a training school: Avischool where diplomas are recognized by the state. FTL is also present in Madagascar. 


  • 13Production sites
  • 7 mChicks a year
  • 650Tons of chicken a year